#TooFatToRun?...Its Time to Join the Movement!

Friday, August 1, 2014

#TooFatToRun?...Its Time to Join the Movement!
There is a new heroine in the world: Julie Creffield. She is singularly responsible for creating the #TooFatToRun? movement. It is all because she started to participate in organized runs but soon found that people had expectations about who should run. It seems that if you are overweight you don’t fit the profile. It is amazing to me that people who are working hard to be healthy are experiencing prejudice and negative behavior from others. I know it is true, I have experienced it myself.

There is a distinct line between encouraging awareness and action in others to embrace and live a healthier life and the very uncool, even harmful behavior exhibited by thoughtless people who verbally abuse or not so subtlety shun people who are over weight. With the growing movement for all of us to live healthier lives it is exciting to see so many people engaging in improving and fostering their own good health. The challenge is that there are small-minded people out there who think that because of the push towards health they have the right to publically harass, humiliate or ridicule individuals who are overweight or obese. This is very uncool and unacceptable. In my opinion we should push back hard on this behavior and role model healthy, positive and encouraging behavior.

This is exactly what Julie Creffield (a.k.a. @FattyMustRun) is doing. Julie is my new idol. She is doing something she enjoys and persevering while bringing attention to the underlying prejudice that exists out in the world towards fat people who participate in organized activities and sports. And the even better news is she is getting others involved. I would even bet there are those “taking up the sword” and getting active just so they can be part of the movement.

Julie has galvanized people to get up and run. By positive example people all over the world are showing us there is no such thing as #TooFatToRun?...No way! The movement and its followers have adopted a positive attitude and are leading by example. These are the people I want my children to look up to, cheer on, and run beside. I can’t wait to order my Too Fat To Run? t-shirt, wear it with pride, and help call attention to an unhealthy prejudice that needs to be excised so we can all get on with embracing a healthier lifestyle. Let’s all—Live Vibrant!

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