100-Mile Journey-- Day 4-- Gratitude

Thursday, August 28, 2014
100-Mile Journey-- Day 4-- Gratitude in a Place Called Prairie Village (photo by LivligaHome)

Day 4 of My 100-Mile Journey was a day where I saw my speed improve significantly. I have gone from a low average speed of 6.1, which was on my second day, to a high of 9.8 today. Loving it. The total miles we covered today were 13. In four days we have covered 69.6 miles. Almost 70 miles in 4 days!

How I feel:  I feel tremendous gratitude. My husband is a rock and a great trooper. When I proposed this idea to him to do this 100-Mile Journey he was all for it. He has joyfully planned our routes (he is the cyclist who knows the trails around here). He has taught me how to use MapMyTracks. He was even willing to get up after a night in the ER with our son who, ironically, crashed off his bike (thankfully, he is fine!) to make sure I could achieve the daily mileage goal. And if that wasn't enough, he had to battle his gears breaking down in the midst of our ride today. He got his bike to work okay and we were able, yet again, to complete our daily ride. How awesome is that!?!

What I saw on the fourth day of our ride: We live in a town where the trains pass through and go along the roadways. About midway through our ride today we first heard and then saw a train moving a long the tracks right beside the path we were on. It was an impressive train with many cars lumbering along, breaks screeching and cars straining as it winded its way around the curve in the track. It reminded me of one of my favorite books when I was little, The Little Engine That Could. Remember it? There seems to be an apt analogy here as I huff and puff my way towards 100 miles...'I think I can, I think I can...'

What I have learned: Don't forget the sunscreen. I have been good about putting sunscreen on my face but didn't think I would need it on my arms and legs. Oops. When you cover these many miles each day you end up in the sun a lot. I have managed to sunburn the tops of my legs and arms. I have also developed a nice "cyclist tan". My badge of honor.

What I will do:  It is exciting to realize that by covering almost 70 miles these past 4 days, my husband and I have accumulated $140 between us to donate to Action for Healthy Kids. It makes me feel proud to do something good for myself and be able to pay it forward to help our children live healthier lives. And we aren't done yet!

100-Mile Journey Day 5 Mileage Snap Shot

Looking forward to Day 5! Live Vibrant!

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