100-Mile Journey-- Day 7-- A Great Day to Celebrate!

Sunday, August 31, 2014
100-Mile Journey Achieved! (photo by LivligaHome).

Day 7 of My 100-Mile Journey had me giddy with anticipation. With only 4 miles to go I knew I would make my goal but I still didn't know how many miles total I would achieve. Now I do. Drum roll please...today we covered 13.5 miles. In seven days, for our 100-Mile Journey,  we have covered 109.5 miles. Nearly 110 miles in one week! Woohoo!

How I feel: I feel great. There is a big smile on my face. I did it! In celebration and gratitude I am fixing my husband linguine with clam sauce tonight. Wine will be served. There is nothing like a sense of accomplishment and taking a moment to celebrate it.

What I saw on the seventh day of our ride: There are lots of bridges in our town. Many traverse the ditches we ride along side. They come in all shapes, widths, lengths and designs. Some go straight across their expanse, fewer have an arc. People fish off them. Dogs sometimes pee off them. Birds often land on their rails. Mainly people walk across them or cycle from one side to the other. Bridges solve an important problem. Without them our lives would not be as easy...or lovely. Yep, it is a good thing we have multiple bridges in our lives...allowing us to pass from one side to another. My journey has been one such bridge. 

What I have learned: Take time to celebrate and acknowledge your accomplishment. Tonight we will have a celebratory dinner. Next I plan on a luxurious massage. Great ways to reinforce it was not only possible but well worth the hard work and perseverance. This will be a time I will long remember.

What I will do:  I look forward to writing our check to Action for Healthy Kids. It is a donation I am very proud of, to say the least. It is sent with a new found joy. I know it will be appreciated and well used. The perfect birthday gift to myself!

100-Mile Journey Day 7 Mileage Snap Shot--Blasted Through the 100 Mile Goal!

It is indeed a great day to celebrate! Live Vibrant!

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