100-Mile Journey-- Day 6-- Unplugged

Saturday, August 30, 2014
100-Mile Journey-- Day 6-- Unplugged (photo by LivligaHome).

Day 6 of My 100-Mile Journey was a day I focused on being unplugged. I realized as I was wheeling along that these six days were the first where I had started the day without electronics plugged into my head. When I work out at the YMCA every morning during the week I always have music or news on and my headphones in. It is very quiet without them. The total miles we covered today were 13.3. In six days we have covered 96 miles. Only 4 more miles to go before I reach my goal!

How I feel: I feel unplugged from the intensity of news sharing and communication. It is very quiet inside my head. When you ride for 12 or more miles you have a bit of time to look around...and think. How often do you just observe the world? I know I don't often enough. Without being plugged in my senses are heightened from what I hear, to what I see and certainly what I feel. There is also a clarity of thought. You can work out a lot of ideas in your mind on a ride. I am definitely liking this.

What I saw on the sixth day of our ride: Domestic animals of all kinds are up early, before us, every morning in this neck of the world. There are many dog walkers out and about in the morning. What amazes me is how many dogs are hanging out in their back yards lounging in the sun, sitting on tables, running the length of the fence or plopping there paws over the fence to check us out. I think there are just about as many dogs as people around here. Then there are the cats on the prowl. I think they think if they don't look at me as I go by that I can't see them. Not so.

What I have learned: Stretch yourself. In all ways. I have noticed as my muscles have worked out more, I need to stretch more. Especially my quads. It helps me warm up before I ride. It also helps my stiffness after the ride if I stretch. Bad form to look like a not-so-little-old-lady after having fun being a "jock". And then there is stretching yourself metaphorically. If I had not taken on this challenge to ride 100 miles, I don't think I would have ever believed I could. Taking the chance and stretching myself beyond the usual has shown me I have a greater capacity than I ever thought possible. Pretty cool feeling.

What I will do:  I have 3 kids. They are grown now but when they were in primary and elementary school they went to public school. We knew of many children who came to school hungry. Often the only meal they got was the lunch served at school. Those lunches were not the most nutritional or balanced. Money was always tight for the schools too. That is why I believe so strongly in supporting organizations working to make schools a healthier place for kids to be. To put our money where our mouth is my husband and I are going to give our pay-it -forward donation to Action for Healthy Kids. This is an organization that fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives.
100-Mile Journey Day 6 Mileage Snap Shot

Looking Forward to Day 7. Only one more day of my 100-Mile Journey!

Live Vibrant!


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