Another Great Gift to Give- Tabletop Mister

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear friends of mine, who have been well aware of the healthy lifestyle journey I am on, gave me a great gift recently. They gave me a Tabletop Mister by Prepara. I have tried a number of misters over the years but all of them failed shortly after their first use. They would always get clogged or break. Now the science has finally come into its own. The Prepara Tabletop Mister is simply designed and uses pump action to create the pressure for misting.

You can pick what variety of oil you want to use, I chose olive oil. You can even add your own flavoring from fresh garlic to your own herbs, like rosemary, from your garden or local grocery store. And it comes in different colors so you can match it to your kitchen. I am inclined to get more than one, all in differnt colors, so I can have differently flavored oils at the ready for all the variety of cooking I do.

Ultimately this is a very healthy way to cook with oil. It is also way more environmentally friendly since you don't have to throw away all those empty canisters of cooking spray. And it is infinitely able to be personalized. If you go online you can find ones available for only $16 so it is also very affordable.

A great gift for a friend...and you!

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