What to do with that holiday cash?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
I am already thinking about how I want to spend that holiday cash! I want to ring in the New Year focused on a happy and healthy year ahead. Spending a little of my cash on items that will support me in this important endeavor is part of the plot and plan.

Since I will be starting my spinning classes in January, I want to complete my gear in anticipation. First, I want to find a reasonably priced pair of cycling shoes. Since I have a big foot, finding this item may be easier said than done. I did find a pair on Amazon for a mere $44- Lake Women's CX211 Cycling Shoe.
 The other thing I need is a heart monitor. I hate the ones with straps. They have never designed one big enough or comfortable for big chested women. So I am looking for a watch that is simple and wireless. I also don't want to make a very big investment before I see how committed I become to spinning! So I found a heart monitor for $29.95- Isokinetics Inc. Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch.
 With a goal to do a 30 mile bike ride this next summer, regardless these will be good tools for me and can be used outside of spinning. 

My Christmas gifts to me and my health...yes!

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