Working Out on Horseback Over Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Horseback Riding in Arizona
As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I have made it a goal to work out when I travel. This Thanksgiving we all had the opportunity to go to a dude ranch thanks to my generous parents. Once there we were able to gather with 25 of our family. It was a great time to take advantage of the activities at the ranch.

My daughter lives to ride. She has been riding in a therapeutic riding program since before she was two.  The difference between riding in a program and riding at a dude ranch is that she gets to be off lead. This is HUGE. So, thanks to the understanding and support of the ranch, she got to go on two "walking" trail rides, each about two hours long. I rode behind her on both rides. My husband and two sons also rode at various times.

Horseback Riding with My Daughter at Thanksgiving

I grew up riding thanks to my dad who had/has a passion for horses. It was great fun getting back on a horse. I got to ride three times-- two times with my daughter and the third on a "loping" ride with my husband, and others.  Each time I rode I got on the back of a different horse. It was a great work out for various muscles I don't often use. The knees also felt the ride!

In addition to riding, I used the work out facilities a couple of times and also played tennis with my daughter. It made for a fun holiday, spending active time with my family. Who says you need to be comatose on a couch in order to enjoy Thanksgiving? I still ate too much, but at least I balanced it with some exercise, shared with family.

I am beginning to really see it is possible to be active wherever I go and with others around me. And perhaps most important of all, it is fun!

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