Holiday Happenings and the Big Benefits of Crockpots

Monday, December 5, 2011
Holiday Happenings and the Big Benefits of Crockpots

We had so much fun last night. We went to the annual holiday concert at our local university. We got hooked when we first moved here and a friend introduced us to this special occasion. The best is that the audience gets to sing! All the favorites are sung as a montage and then at the end, for the hearty, there is the Hallelujah Chorus. Heavenly. It always gets us in the spirit of the Season.

The challenge with concerts, though, is that you have to get there early and by the time you get out, it is on the late side for dinner. I have found with a little planning, and a crockpot, you can have a delicious meal ready on time, enjoyed, and still have time to get to the concert. This time of year stews, soups and ragouts are hearty, cozy meals for a cold night.

Last night I tried out a spicy (yet not too spicy) curry. It had the added benefit of being vegetarian. To find yummy, filling and easy vegetarian I have found to be a bit of a challenge for this dedicated omnivore. I hit a home run last night! I found the recipe on line- Vegetable & Chickpea Curry - so you can try it out if you so desire.

I truly thought this was a wonderful recipe. As you will see with the recipe, it has an array of delectable ingredients from fresh ginger, Serrano pepper and chickpeas to light coconut milk and spinach.  I served it with grilled flatbread and a cucumber-yogurt sauce to mellow the heat in the curry. Add a light beer and it amounts to a memorable meal. My new favorite.

A delicious meal, easy to make, delicious to eat and a holiday sing-a-long...what more could a person want?!? Indeed, I am now "in the spirit" of goodwill and goodmeals. Happy Beginning of December!

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