Fitbit as a great Holiday Gift

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My sons gave me a great gift I think would make a great holiday gift for others. It is a Fitbit.  It is fundamentally an elegantly designed pedometer. However, through its online component, you can track many more things that are important for living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can track your overall exercise, the amount of calories you consume per day, your weight, how much you sleep and also in put your blood pressure, glucose and heart rate. It is so convenient and eye-opening to track all these aspects of your health in one place. You can even make your information public to the Fitbit community if that is a motivator for you.

There are great historical graphs so you can see how you are doing over time in managing your health and achieving your goals. You can compare yourself to others online with the Fitbit which can help you gain a perspective on where you are and where you want to be with your activities and health.

It is actually an online community so you can tap into groups and participate in conversations, train for events with others, get your own questions answered or just follow what others are up to. As a personal way to keep track of your thoughts, there is also a journal component of the Fitbit which allows you to make daily entries about your thoughts, goals and feelings about your health, activities, eating name it, your choice! 

It has a wireless tracker so there is no need to upload your information from the Fitbit you wear. It will automatically upload to your computer.

For $99.95 you get the tracker and access to the online software. There is also a premium package that provides even more information if you really get into the program and want more from the Fitbit. I stuck with the basic package and have found I have more than enough information and access to keep me engaged and informed about my health.

The only caveat I have about the product is that it is small and can be easily lost. I have forgotten to remove it from a piece of clothing I had it clipped to more than once. It is black which makes it subtle on your clothing but therefore also easy to over look. I hope they come out with some "hot" colors so they are more personalized and easier to see.

It is amazing to me how many people have the tracker. Once you are a member of the community you become aware of others who are part of it too. That makes it a lot of fun to discover who is out  there you know.

This is definitely a useful product and one you can enjoy over time with just an initial investment. I recommend it!

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