Diversity in Meals with Rice and Beans

Monday, January 30, 2012
As I have mentioned before, my son has challenged us to eat at least two vegetarian meals for dinner each week. An old standby for a vegetarian meal is beans and rice. I ate a lot of beans and rice when I was in the Peace Corps so I have it stuck in my head that there is only one way to prepare this kind of dish. I have discovered there are actually all variety of dishes that include beans and rice. There is not just one flavor or visual presentation either. It has been fun to discover a variety of dishes. Some of our favorites are:

Red Beans and Rice   p372   400 Calorie Fix   by Liz Vaccariello

Italian Rice and Beans   p128   The 1200-Calorie-a-Day Menu Cookbook

Hoppin' John   p82   CookingLight Slow Cooker

There are also many chilis, stews and soups that combine beans and rice. The discovery of more favorites continues!

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