Not My Mama's Meals- Bobby Deen comes clean!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Finally! I am so glad to see that Paula Deen's son, Bobby, is now acknowledging how unhealthy his mom's food is for everyday eating. She is one that continues to super-feed  our super-sized culture. I saw this video on The Today Show. It actually looked pretty good! Here is the link:Healthier Paula Deen Classics.

Only thing missing are the calories for each dish. My rule is to never cook a recipe that does not have the calories listed. Hope he ends up listing calories for his recipes.

Bobby Deen now has his own show- Not My Mama's Meals- I think all of us are in the same boat. In order to be healthy and live a healthier lifestyle we have to change the way we eat and how we were taught to eat my our moms who reflected a sensibility about food from another, less healthy, era. 

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