My First Spinning Experience!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
I did it! Yesterday was my first time to spin. I got all geared up with my bike shorts and strapless heart monitor watch. The bike shoes are so far a bust since the ones I ordered were too small (story of my life! :) Never fear, I wore my apple green, slim Brooks running shoes. I forgot the water bottle...big mistake...I will need to remember it for next time.

I set my bike up, adjusting the handles and seat for me. Got into the groove of some fun "Studio 54" style music and started spinning....and spinning....and spinning. Pacing myself was my real concern. I made it 45 minutes out of the hour time frame. Not bad for an overweight first timer. I was able to spin on a light gear and heavy gear. I also stood up and spun (is that how you say it in past tense?) which really challenged my quads. I clearly did not extend myself to the max because I only got my heart rate up to 148.  Good to know I can keep going and getting better and have room to max out, right? I did sweat a lot; dripping like the best of the bunch. My new monitor watch seemed to work fine as did my tennis shoes and bike shoes. The "Y" exercise towel was critical. I wished I had had Kleenex so I think I'll make sure to tuck some in my shorts for the next class. I think I am set to get into the groove.

The only part of me that is really sore today are my quads. I am looking forward to trying it out  again tomorrow. I am still amazed I really did it!

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