The Trick to Weight Loss

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
The reality is, there is no "trick" or "quick fix" to weight loss. All the fades we follow, all the deprivations we force on ourselves are really a pattern of avoidance. An avoidance of the truth about weight loss and weight maintenance. There are no quick fixes. There are no miracle cures. It is just plain hard work and adhering to mindfulness.

I am glad that more and more experts are coming out and proclaiming this fact and truth. For so long I think they have been perpetrators in the myth of "quick" weight loss and new "miracle" diets. I don't totally blame them though, many experts just wanted to soften the blow of reality or wanted to nudge us towards better health. This is one area where entitlement has no power or relevance. No one can give us a lean body or good health. Only we can give it to ourselves. Bummer? Not really. Sometimes facing the truth is the most empowering moment in our lives. Easy? Don't think so. I do think it can get easier...even habit forming. I no longer wish for a "quick fix" or "magic bullet".

What I do know is that I need to fit in exercise everyday. I need to weigh everyday. I need to measure my food and track my snacks. When I do, I don't gain weight. When I don't, my weight starts creeping up again. It did during the holidays. Now I have to REALLY pay attention! I have lost 50 lbs in the past year. I want to keep this off and lose another 15 this year. 

If you want to read a good, challenging article about how we should face the truth about our eating habits, I recommend visiting the blog of Michael R Eades, MD. It didn't depress me, it got me energized!

I am going to Spin for the first time today...wish me luck!

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