English Muffins--Homemade & Healthy!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ringing in the New Year always inspires me to do new things. Last weekend I was thinking about what to have for a Sunday breakfast. Eggs Benedict came to mind...something I have not had for a while. From there I pondered the English Muffin. It occurred to me to wonder how they are actually made. Do you use a mold? Why do they look browned and toasted on both sides? While still lying in bed, I asked my husband if he knew anything about English Muffins. He said he really didn't but how about looking it up in the ultimate encyclopedia, "The Joy of Cooking"? We did. Turns out you can use a mold, but you don't need to...and you grill the bread on the stove top, not bake them in the oven. Who knew!?

I wanted to find a healthy version of a English Muffin which I found on the internet- Whole Wheat English Muffin with flaxseed, rolled oats, caraway and wheat germ. They turned out really well. I only had a biscuit sized cutter so they were a little smaller. We figured out the calories. Making 15 muffins, each is 118 calories. Not bad!

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