Easy Way to Peel and Cut a Mango

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There are so many fruits in season this time of year! Mangoes seem to be very plentiful now at our local Safeway. I have come across a variety of recipes to make use of this abundance. One such recipe is Tropical Cucumber Salad. The challenge is peeling and cutting the mango. Here are a couple of tips I have found to be helpful!

To peel and cut a mango:

1. Slice both ends off the mango, revealing the long, slender seed inside. Set the fruit upright on a work surface and remove the skin with a sharp knife.

2. With the seed perpendicular to you, slice the fruit from both sides of the seed, yielding two large pieces.

3. Turn the seed parallel to you and slice the two smaller pieces of fruit from each side.

4. Cut the fruit into the desired shape.


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