Perfect Picnic Food--Even in the Rain!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

We had so much fun! I fixed a from scratch picnic dinner with the intention that we were going to our outdoor cinema to watch Back to the Future....but then the storm clouds came in and the lightening sparked in the sky. So we stayed home and set up our picnic inside. The food was wonderful and the clean up was a cinch. Our fun was not dashed, not for a minute!

The menu I picked and prepared for our picnic was:
Oven Fried Chicken                                     297 calories
Tropical Cucumber Salad                           169 calories
Fresh Tomato and Pepper Salad                 20 calories
Chocolate Chip Cookies                              88 calories
Cranberry & Lime Perrier                           24 calories
                                                      Total        598 calories

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