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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fitbit Mania

One of my sons got a Fitbit from his office for an end-of-the-year holiday gift. Then he was so excited about it he gave a Fitbit to his older brother for Christmas. Last year my sons gave me the first Fitbit among the family which I wrote about in a previous blog. I was very motivated at first but then, as is our habit, I got out of the habit. Another loner pursuit that went by the wayside.

Now I have a team supporting me and competing amongst each other. We can see each other's activity on line which is particularly cool since we live across the country from each other. I for one am highly motivated to find a week where I can out step both of my sons! Even my husband is now in on it. This may have something to do with the fact our sons gave us the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale. It really is awesome as it syncs with the FitBit website so it tracks each time you weigh and shows it to you over time and compared to the goals you have set. You can share this information with others as well. I have not yet had the courage to do so. So far I am just sharing my activity. All my activity and weight and calories can be logged, much of it automatically, so I have my personal view of my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

The two things I like the most currently is that I can input and save my own calories according to the meals and recipes I use so the calories map to my meal plans. I also like that it compares "Calories In to Calories Out". I have a concrete, visual picture of how my exercize and food intake relate. A very powerful tool. I am looking forward to downloading the app so I can use it on the road and when I am out and about eating.

As I mentioned in my New Year's Resolution blog, this is my year for Keeping On Track. The Fitbit, Fitbit Scale and Fitbit App are going to be great tools to help me do just that!
My family is my team and community supporting me every step and bite along the way.

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