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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Daughter's Crockpot Recipe-Spiced Pork with Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

We are getting back to normal after the holidays. The regular cycles of life are returning. My daughter is back to her weekly preparation of crockpot recipes! This week she did a Crockpot recipe of Spiced Pork with Pumpkin and Sweet Potato. Truthfully, the recipe called for butternut squash but since it is just after the holidays and we have pumpkins leftover from our decorations, we chose to use the pumpkins. It turned out to be a great substitute. The other part of the recipe we changed was to put only one poblano pepper in instead of two. The recipe had a mild amount of heat but was not spicy hot.

The flavoring in this recipe was rich, savory and sweet. The pumpkin and sweet potato added the hint of sweet. The cumin, ginger and cinnamon added the savory. the pork combined with all the ingredients made it a rich and satisfying dish. We made 6 servings out of the crockpot for about 1 1/2 - 2 cups per person. Calories for the dish were 381 per serving. We completed the meal with steamed haricots verts in chicken broth (25 calories). Total calories for the meal were 406.

An easy recipe that turned into a cozy and flavorful winter meal. We all loved it. A definite repeat.

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