The cunning nature of sugar

Friday, April 19, 2013
Varieties of blood sugar triggers@livlighome

It is amazing to me to realize how much sugar/sugar substitute I added to my food regularly and during the course of a day. I think I talked myself into believing it wasn't much...but it was. There was the tablespoon of brown sugar in the bowl of oatmeal. Then there was the mix of sugar-free vanilla and sugar-free hazelnut I but in my lattes...multiple mug-fuls during the course of a morning. Then there was the honey I added to my Greek yogurt or the sugary fruit already added to the yogurt cups I buy at the grocery store.

I discovered that these were all triggers for me, whether refined, sugar free or healthier sugars like honey. And I was re-triggering myself multiple times a day all throughout the day. My poor blood sugar levels were being treated like a yo yo. No wonder I am a Master Grazer. I couldn't help myself nor could I stop myself. I kept setting myself up to want more and yet never feel satisfied. Very unfulfilling daily cycle, right? Yep, you bet.

Since I have stopped adding sugar to my oatmeal, coffee and yogurt, I feel so much more in control. I, of course, stopped the cookies and crackers as snacks as well. I am much happier and a lot less cranky late afternoon. It does make a difference!

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