Why Livliga Works- Our Dishware is Right-sized

Friday, April 26, 2013

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of healthy living. Livliga connects our eyes, mind, and stomach to benefit our health.  Eating food from right‑sized dishware that is also thoughtfully and beautifully designed is the key to success and satisfaction.

The designs embedded in each piece of tableware were specifically created to guide the user in eating a balanced meal in appropriate portion sizes. Our mind and body look for external cues and signals to tell us how much we should eat. The visual cues embedded in our tableware have been designed to right-size the environment around us so we can make better and different choices than those currently available that “super-size” all our meals.

By offering a complete set of tableware, including plates, bowls, cups, wine glasses, beverage glasses, a serving bowl and a set of LivSpoons (Measuring/Serving Spoons), that has been right-sized and designed with the psychology of eating in mind, Livliga has created the tools for a healthy eating environment. If all the dishes and glasses used are of the same scale then our eyes adjust to the right-sized environment and will no longer seek super-sized alternatives.

Livliga not only offers visual cues to guide the user to right-sized eating but also makes the properly portioned amounts served in and on the tableware feel like enough so at the end of a meal an individual can believe they have had enough and are satisfied. This is achieved by providing well made porcelain dinnerware of restaurant grade so it feels substantial, making the food on the plate feel substantial as well. Eating off of a plastic plate will not have the same effect. Our glassware is also nicely weighted so beverages served in them feel like enough as well as look like enough. All tableware is designed to support the overall desire to consume right sized amounts of food and feel full as well as satisfied.

Livliga dinnerware is right-sized, not small looking. This has the important visual cue of not making someone feel that they are being denied or deprived. If a person feels denied or deprived, which is much more likely when eating off of a small or child’s plate, they are more likely to end up eating more, not less. Feeling different than everyone else at the table or feeling isolated because your plate is different than everyone else’s can set us up for failure. It is important that our eyes see that what we are eating is plentiful looking and substantive in weight in order to feel satisfied at the end of a meal

We have downsized/right-sized our tableware so that when you put the appropriate amount of food on your plate, it will look plentiful and therefore will send positive cues to your brain so that when you have finished eating, you will feel satisfied. Studies have been done to show that if you downsize the dishware you will eat less and yet still feel satisfied.

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