In Search of a Naturally Sweet Coffee that is Rich and Strong in Flavor

Friday, May 3, 2013
Lavazza Italian Coffee Beans
 It is clear I love a challenge. I also love the journey. Since I have given up putting sweeteners in my coffee I have been in search of a naturally flavorful coffee bean. It is amazing how a coffee bean that is great with sweetener can end up being way to powerful and acidic without it. It made me realize I could go on the hunt for a better coffee that tastes delicious all on its own. I am at that stage of life where I am embracing the fact I don't have to eat or drink anything I don't enjoy.

Now that my palette is not overwhelmed by the taste of sweetener I am discovering how very different the taste of coffee beans can be. This hunt is very fun but harder to quickly find the "new" me. I am taking suggestions.

The first new coffee bean I tried was a suggestion from my oldest son. It is Lavazza from Italy. You can buy it on Amazon and it is really reasonable. The verdict: it was rich and smooth but pretty light in flavor for our tastes. Very pleasant. I just wish it had a sweet "finish". I know it exists because I have had it in specialty coffee shops. Of course, I also want to be able to afford it! On to the next brand...

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