Mediterranean Diet-- Spicy Carrot Salad

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Spicy Carrot Salad @livligahome
Carrots are a great springtime vegetable. The more I learn about the Mediterranean Diet I see that carrots are a staple.  I am enjoying exploring recipes with carrots at this time of year.

Recently I tried this Spicy Carrot Salad (112/cal--see previous blog--Greek Black-eyed Peas, for meal). It is visually very appealing. As a side dish it will brighten up any number of main dishes. The interesting aspect of this recipe is that the carrots are cooked in a spicy broth, infusing the entire carrot with the spices. This makes the flavor consistent. Because it has both paprika and red pepper (cayenne) it makes for a very "hot" taste. Ultimately it was too spicy for this family. I really like the concept, though. I want to try it out again but halve the amount of the spice and see if a milder version will work for us. Stay tuned.

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