To Weigh or Not to Weigh...that is the question...

Friday, May 31, 2013

There is a lot of preference and passion around the topic of how frequently people should weigh themselves. The range has extremes from "never" weighing yourself to weighing yourself twice a day- at the beginning and end of the day. What should it be?

I have learned over the years that managing my weight requires that I be mindful of it. When I start avoiding the scale it is a sure sign I am not paying attention to what I am eating either. Through self assessment and awareness I have come to understand that I need concrete feedback to know how I am doing in managing my food intake and exercise. I don't seem to have the built in mechanisms others have in innately knowing. Or, more truthfully, I may have it but don't listen to it without other tangible evidence.

Weighing keeps me honest. I have found it is better for me to weigh everyday in order to keep on track. It also keeps me mindful. It provides me the concrete feedback on how much I am eating, whether I am making the right choices and/or whether I need to rein in my consummation. And it makes me understand how important it is to exercise. When I slack off on going to the gym, the pounds start to creep back.

Standing on the scale daily is a way for me to be committed to keeping the pounds off. It keeps my awareness focused on what it takes to be healthy. It is a daily deal.

I found a great website that addresses this issue as well- Fit to the Finish. The author, Diane, sites some studies that show that those who weigh daily actually lose more weight. It makes sense to me. How about you?

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