Portion Distortion- The Real Danger of Eating Out of The Bag

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bag of Potato Chips

I have so many bad habits. Some are harder to change than others. It is really about being mindless to what we are doing, a zombie-like state. I have had way too many repetitive, mindless moments. I came across a great article that reminded me NEVER to eat out of a bag. Pre-portioning is definitely the way to go before eating. You can do the whole bag at once in Ziplocs or count out the serving on to a plate before taking even one bite of your snack. Eating a piece of fruit before divvying up servings of a snack also helps me from going crazy and snacking without counting! No way around it, I have to help myself become mindful in all ways related to food.

Here is the link to the article I found a great reminder and helpful...

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