Time for Steak-- Seared Steaks with Red Wine & Fresh Cherry Sauce

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Seared Steaks with Red Wine & Fresh Cherry Sauce @livligahome
It is easier and easier to find quick and healthy recipes that are also tasty and visually appealing. This dinner came from the July 2013 Cooking Light magazine. I continue to be very impressed with their recipes and menus. In fact, they are hard to beat for consistently delivering as advertised. Remember, I am a mom with a start up business who is committed to providing meals that are healthy. Cooking Light has no idea who I am but they do know what I need, just like so many of us!

This dinner was completely prepared by my daughter. She is preparing more and more multi-recipe meals, a big step forward from the crock pot meals she did exclusively for a while. It is exciting to see her develop these complex skills of preparing different dishes and in a way that puts a meal on the table at one time! The key is in picking recipes that are not overwhelming in ingredients and steps.

My daughter did a fantastic job in preparing this dish. I was available for feedback, working on my computer in the kitchen.  We changed the dinner menu as suggested by Cooking Light. One change to simplify the dinner plan (steamed Chinese pea pods instead the more complicated Almond Green Beans), the other an unintended substitution (instead of chives my daughter added green onion...it was good!). We also used nonfat milk in the smashed potatoes instead of whole milk becasue that is what we use at home.

The dinner: Seared Steaks with Red Wine-Cherry Sauce (289 cal), Steamed Chinese Pea Pods (40 cal/1 cup) and Dijon Smashed Potatoes (89 cal/½ cup). Total calories for the meal are 418. It was easy to prepare, visually appealing and very tasty. A definite repeat and a new favorite for this family.

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