Super Summer Grilled Turkey-Plum Sandwiches

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Super Summer Grilled Turkey-Plum Sandwiches @livligahome
Summertime is a great excuse for every meal to be colorful and flavorful. There is no end to the combinations of flavors and colors. I came across just such a  Summer time recipe in the July 2013 issue of the Cooking Light magazine-- Grilled Turkey-Plum Sandwiches.

The recipe uses fresh black plums as part of the content of the sandwich. As a counter point to the sweetness of the plum, the recipe calls for adding raw garlic and pepper to the mayonnaise spread used on the bread.

The turkey is a quick cook in a cast iron skillet or stove top grill. It takes a total of about 3 minutes. So quick, in fact, it is easy to over cook!

The basil came from our garden. The bread was a Jewish Dark Rye which is flavorful yet only has 90 calories a slice. Calorie count for the sandwich is 292. To complete the meal we added a grated carrot salad (1/2 cup) with white balsamic vinegar and fresh dill for an additional 50 calories and a serving of reduced fat potato chips for 140 calories. Total calories for the meal 482. It was delicious and a two thumbs up for everyone in the family. A definite repeat.

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