Why Livliga works- Color Matters!

Friday, July 5, 2013
Blue Plates Curb Your Appetite (photo of Halsa Dinner Plate)

Colors affect us in so many ways. They affect our moods. They can make us feel powerful or energetic. Color can also influence your food intake.

Livliga created a color palette of colors that are non-trigger colors. What does that mean? It means that the colors are either neutral or appetite suppressing. Very hot vibrant colors such as red, yellow and orange are colors that stimulate us so when it comes to food served in an environment filled with those colors we tend to eat faster and consequently more. That is why fast food restaurants use those “hot” colors. You buy more and eat more. This is not what we are after for those wanting to eat right amounts of food and live a healthier lifestyle. We need to choose colors that support us, not work against us.

When eating we want colors that are attractive but also are calming and have a higher contrast with our food. All Livliga colors tend to have more blue in them so even if there are yellow or reds used they are calmer versions of the color and tend to be used as accent colors on our dishware. These calming colors allow us to chew our food, breath in between bites and let our eyes and brain catch up to our stomachs so when we have eaten our right-sized meal we will feel full and not reach for a second helping.
Blue Provides a High Contrast to the Foods you Eat (photo of Halsa Dinnerware)

 There has been specific research done on the color blue. It is considered an appetite suppressing color. It has this affect for a couple of reasons. One is that itis in our DNA from the days we were hunter-gatherers to shy away from blue. When you think about it, blue is not a food color. Besides blueberries it is hard to think of a food in blue. Early man avoided dark colored food in general, including blue, since many were considered poisonous—thus you have another nail in the coffin for blue. Additionally, recent research has shown that higher contrast between the color of your plate and the food you put on it literally suppresses your appetite. Bottom line, it allows you to feel fuller faster and therefore satisfied with eating right-sized amounts of food at a meal.

Interestingly, there is a growing popularity for chromotherapy also referred to as color therapy. It focuses on the impact all colors have on us, our moods and our health. JayCardiello, health strategist, and star of the hit ABC show “My Diet is Better than Yours.”, is a proponent of actively choosing the colors you live with to help you live a healthier lifestyle, specifically he mentions using blue plates for eating. That is why Livliga created our Hälsa pattern in blue hues. Color does matter and help us.

Color is a significant influencer in our lives. When we eat off of dishware with non-trigger and appetite suppressing colors we are truly choosing to support ourselves in achieving our long-term goal towards sustaining a healthy lifestyle. It is one significant reason why Livliga works, along with the other important elements like size, shape, visual illusion and design we have integrated into all of our patented tableware. 

Color is a significant influencer in our lives (photo of Vivente Lifestyle Dinnerware)

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