Summertime cooking- avoiding too much heat in the kitchen!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

For those of you who have enjoyed reading my blog regularly, you know one of my "tricks" for healthier eating is pre-planning my menus and grocery store visits. Another approach I have, particularly in the summertime, is to pre-think my cooking in the kitchen. It can get so hot in a kitchen when you use the oven and stove top during the hot months of the year.

As an example, I needed to boil some eggs for a tunafish salad I was preparing. Since I had to fire up the stove top for a couple of eggs, I decided to go ahead and boil a few extra. The extra eggs I plan on using in a Salad Niçoise, for snacks, and for an egg salad I will use for lunch.

By doing all the eggs at once, I don't have to get the kitchen hot later. The cooking is all done ahead for more than one meal. First thing in the morning, when it is still cool out is a great time to get any cooking done in the hot summer months, I have found. In the evening, after dinner, once the sun has set can also work depending on your daily routines.

Smarter cooking in the summer allows us to still enjoy well prepared meals without suffering through the heat.

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