No Fuss Vegetarian Crockpot Lasagna

Friday, January 17, 2014
No Fuss Crockpot Lasagna (photo by LivligaHome)
After the holidays I am "done" with complicated meals and all the cooking! And then the New Year rolls around and I am motivated to exercize more and eat right. How to make it all work? I turn to my crockpot. It is easy, no fuss, and by getting it done all at once it frees up more time for me to fit in my exercize.

A family favorite is a Cooking Light Slow Cooker recipe from a cookbook I have had for years. Goods news is I found it on so I can easily share it with you. It is called Pesto Lasagna with Spinach and Mushrooms. It is packed full of good, healthy ingredients like fresh spinach and sliced mushrooms. It also has four cheeses in it-- mozarella, provolone, ricotta and parmesan. It is rich and delicious and only 398 calories per serving.

To make it a meal I added a tossed green salad with some fruit and my light vinaigrette (30 cal per 2 Tbs) and a whole wheat roll (110 cal/Alexia) for a total calorie count of 538. This is a great family meal but can also be a great weekend meal with friends. And since it is vegetarian you can serve it to a broad range of people. They will all love your for it!

Enjoy! And Live Vibrant!

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