Picturing Portion Sizes Sounds Easy...but it's not!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Livliga takes the guess work out of serving sizes (photo by LivligaHome)

Picturing portion sizes seems like such an easy concept. I recently read an article that goes through step by step images to help you gage appropriate serving sizes for the different food groups. The problem is we are leaving it up to our eyes to judge what a light bulb's worth of fruit looks like. In reality it is asking too much of our eyes to be that accurate.

A great point the article makes is that we often confuse a portion with a serving size. In fact, that is where we so often have problems with managing our weight. We really don't know what a recommended serving size is for the different food groups like protein, starch/grain or vegetable.

In truth, this is a great article to point out Why Livliga Works. Livliga is way easier to use than remembering what shape and size a light bulb or cupcake wrapper is. Guaranteed, we are more likely to imagine a larger light bulb... and are we talking florescent or LED? And who can remember if the light bulb size is for protein, fruit or grain?
Each circle or line is a specific measurement that is a serving size for each food goup (photo by LivligaHome)
 Our eyes are not exact in guiding us to right-sized servings. Our eyes can only help us relatively. And as studies have shown our eyes lead us to pouring more wine than we think or serving ourselves more food than we realize. That is why Livliga is extremely helpful. It takes the guesswork out and gives us the literal cues we need to right size our portions in a subtle and beautiful way. Who wants to remember all those serving sizes anyway!?!

Live Vibrant!

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