The Ease and Many Flavors of Frittatas and Egg Casseroles

Monday, November 28, 2011

I first had frittatas when I was in the Peace Corps. There were Spanish nuns who lived across the way from me who taught me many things. One thing they taught me was that frittatas are a great portable food. You can put just about anything in them so they can be a compete food source. Once cooked, they can be cut in wedges, wrapped and packed for picnics. Back in those days, the base of the frittata was thin slices of potato. Although yummy, I have since found it it an unnecessary addition. Instead I have now find many recipes that include low fat cheeses and lots of different kinds of vegetables.

The most recent frittata recipe I tried out was called a Layered Mediterranean Egg Bake. What I found very appealing about it was the use of dried tomato paired with feta & ricotta cheese. That combination provides a wonderful rich flavor. My husband really liked it too.

Frittatas are an easy meal to fix. A health one dish meal so the clean up is pretty easy too. They can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner...and as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, they can also be packed for picnics! And when you are tired out from a holiday it can even serve as a simple, healthier, comfort food.

For a meal, you can add a tossed green salad or fresh berries along with a fresh baked muffin. They are a good option when you have friends over to eat, too. Can't beat this protein rich meal!

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