In Support of Leftovers

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There are two camps regarding leftovers....those that love them and those that hate them. I am one that loves them...if they are my leftovers! So why is it that I love leftovers?

Well, leftovers are first and foremost very convenient. In our busy, hectic lives it is nice to have something to eat that is ready to go. Mine are pre-packaged and measured so all I have to do is plop it on a plate and, if desired, heat it for a couple of minutes in a microwave.

I also like the fact that I control how my food is prepared. Going out to eat or grabbing something prepackaged to eat means that there are ingredients in your meal that don't need to be there and may be harmful to your health like salt, corn syrup, coloring with dyes, added fats, and various preservatives. When you cook it none of those ingredients need to be included.

What is appealing to me too is that I am leveraging the effort of preparing home cooked meals for multiple people and multiple meals. The time spent in the kitchen counts for many meals. For those who don't like spending more time in the kitchen than they need to, this is a real plus.

Another reason I like eating leftovers is that they can really save you money. Your meal costs a fraction of what it would if you went out to a restaurant, even a fast food one.  These days as we are counting our pennies and prioritizing what we need or want to spend our money on, eating leftovers is a no brainer.

Finally, leftovers taste that much better when you realize the time you are saving not preparing another meal or going out to eat one. The time saved can be used to check in with a friend or for taking a midday walk. Both options being an added plus to our hearts and health.

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