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Tasty Soup for Last Night's Dinner

November 03, 2011

As I think I mentioned in a previous blog, my middle son has challenged us to eat vegetarian at least two times a week. It is better for our health and also better for our environment. Last night we kept to the pledge and I made a delicious soup. It was one I had not done before. It was out of the 1998 Cooking Light Cookbook.  It is called Tortellini, White Bean and Spinach Soup (tortellini-white-bean-spinach-soup). It is packed full of ingredients from the cheese-filled tortellini, beans and spinach to onion and artichoke hearts. It is more like an Italian stew than a soup. Consequently, it is very satisfying.

We paired the soup with a Marinated Orange and Strawberry salad (Marinated Orange & Strawberry Salad recipe). I found this recipe in the Complete Cooking Light Cookbook.  It went quite well with the soup. As you can see by the photo, it was a visually appealing meal. The soup and salad combined was 388 calories. A piece of hearty bread could have been added and still been within the range of a 500 calorie meal. I plan to do that next time. I have added the links I found on line to the recipes so you can try this combo out as well and let me know what you think! Bon Appétit!

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