Weekly Check In #1 for my Personal Weight Loss Challenge

Friday, November 11, 2011
It has been a good week. I lost 2.2lbs from my low in July. Means I have 6 more pounds to go by Thanksgiving. It feels so much better to be on the downward swing.

The actions I did this week that I think helped me work on my weight loss were:
    -Being more consistent in my work outs--getting back in the groove
    -Wore my fitbit for a few days; want to work on doing it daily, though
    -Drank a cup of green tea each day--I think this helps with mood & hunger & health
    -Did not deprive myself of wine and midday treats....just really tried to avoid grazing 

I am going to continue to work on these action items, trying to be particularly mindful during the weekend. This will be especially hard since my daughter's birthday dinner is tomorrow night. A good challenge to see how well I can do!

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