How to Give Temptation the Slip

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
As we are approaching the holidays it gets harder and harder to give Temptation "the slip". With all the visual temptation surrounding us at work, on the TV, on the radio and everywhere we shop....much less the treats we create ostensibly to give to our friends and family, we are suffering a cacophony of visual "feed me"s at every turn. How can we help keep ourselves distracted so we don't let Temptation win?

A friend recently forwarded me (thanks Cindy!) an online article from that provides some good activities and distractions to help us through the holiday food crazies.

  • Practice mindful meditation. Spend just 7 minutes a day focusing on recognizing, accepting, and experiencing your cravings rather than trying to ignore or suppress them. Dieters who do have far fewer food cravings, and resist them better. Here's the trick to eating mindfully so you'll eat less.
  • Get on your feet. Especially if you're craving chocolate. A quick walk will curb even major chocoholic cravings in just 15 minutes. It works by stimulating feel-good brain chemicals and feeding your spirit.
  • Hit the mute button and do sit-ups -- or this -- when commercials come on. You'll switch off cravings, too. Adults (and kids) eat more snack foods after watching TV shows loaded with food ads.
  • Try yoga. Aside from making you stronger, suppler, and calmer, yoga helps you tune in to your appetite and recognize whether you're actually hungry or just bored. Do this simple sun salutation series for a nice workout.
  • Have that little cookie you can't stop thinking about. Sometimes, trying to stifle a craving makes it grow so intense that, when you finally cave, you eat the whole bag. Yep, having one little banana-oatmeal-walnut cookie now may save you from having 30 later. Don't beat yourself up. Relish it. Take a small bite, savor the taste, have another bite. Thoroughly enjoy it. Then move on.
Hope this helps. I plan on being an active user of these proactive tips to thwart Temptation this holiday season!

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