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Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Reason to Work Out- "Coregasms"

I came across an article which made me smile, giggle a bit, and then made me realize I had actually had a similar thought on my own about why women are fanatics about doing certain exercising. Turns out women do in fact experience sexual pleasure through exercise alone, according to a recent article in The Week. The best trigger seems to be working out the core abdominal muscles.

Researchers at Indiana University's Kinsey Institute surveyed hundreds of women who reported they experience sexual pleasure (coregasms) during exercise. Besides experiencing a coregasm while doing abs workouts, women also shared they experienced them while doing weight lifting, yoga, biking, spinning, running or hiking. A few women even mentioned having a coregasm while mopping!

When I started spinning in January, before I tore my meniscus, I experienced the pounding on the bike seat first hand. I remember mentioning, jokingly, to the women next to me that I thought I now had an insight on why so many women like spinning...because of the vaginal stimulation during the constant transitions as a part of spinning class. Now that I think about it, I think she smiled knowingly...

It seems strange to me that with all the information we have about how working out is great for our health, or moods and, now, our sexual pleasures, that we have such a hard time finding time to do it...I think we need to work on our priorities, don't you? :)

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