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Monday, May 21, 2012

Apps for Health #2

The second App I thought was interesting is called Fooducate. How often have we all tried to understand the ingredients on the side of a box and whether they are bad for us or not? This App should help us decipher the "ingredient code" -

Fooducate Plus
Why you want it: Confused by ingredient lists, nutrition labels, food claims et al.? Use this app to learn what’s really in the food you buy and make smarter shopping choices instantly. Created by dietitians, this app -- Appstore’s 2011 Best of the iPhone Health & Fitness category -- stores over 200,000 unique food products ranging from Trader Joe’s broccoli to Pillsbury Premium Cake Mix. You can look up or scan the UPC codes with your camera to find out just what evils lurk in that box of cookies or bag of chips you were considering (i.e. trans-fats, excessive sugars, additives and preservatives, questionable food colorings). It also rates items in easy to understand terms (i.e. the broccoli got an A, the cake mix, a D). Chances are you’ll never shop the same once you download this app -- you’ll also find that what makes it to the checkout line in your basket is a heckuva lot healthier. Time to get Fooducated!
Download it now: $3.99 for iPhone, on iTunes; Free for Android, on Google Play

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