Mother's Day- Living a Healthier Life Thanks to my Children

Friday, May 11, 2012

I know myself to be a very lucky mom. I have three wonderful children each of whom I love, admire and like very much. We often think of parenthood as a one way street...we give and our kids take. I have come to realize this is so not the truth with me. My children are actually the ones who are responsible for so many of the changes, the good ones, I have made in my life. They are also the source for the greatest joys in my life. They have fostered the desire in me to become a better person...and mom. My journey to becoming a healthier person and living a healthier lifestyle germinated with the challenges my children gave me to care about my weight and health. They inspire me to do my best. They are terrific cheerleaders. Here's how they support me every bite and step of the way-

My daughter has come on board with wanting to learn how to cook healthy recipes. You might have read some of my reviews about the recent healthy crockpot recipes she has tried out. She has also accompanied me regularly to go work out at the "Y" and does the 5K & 10K walks with me.

My middle son will go on bike rides and hikes with me when he is in town. He is always willing to try out my new healthy recipes and give his feedback. He, as well as my oldest son, give me gifts to support my healthy activities.

My oldest son, who is in medical school, is great at sharing new science information with me. He makes me think about what the consequences are for the actions we take, good or bad, with our bodies and minds. When I send him food he is always game to give me his thoughts.

We all share the love of discovery. They are genuinely interested in what I am up to and are eager to support me in my efforts. They have also helped me through some of my challenges, like my "bum" knee. Helping to keep me on track. Seeing each of them live a healthy lifestyle themselves is perhaps the biggest inspiration.

I have always said I am the luckiest mom in the world because not only do I love my children with all my heart but I also like them as the most interesting, engaged and caring people I know. Mother's Day is truly everyday for me.


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