Handy Stuff You Can Turn into a Homemade Workout

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I love when someone spends time to remind us of how it does not require a membership to a gym or a lot of money or the right work out clothes or equipment to get in a good work out. Recently I came across a fun series showing how you could get a good workout by buying everyday household items for less than $20 for a homemade work out. I loved it and thought I would share some of the ideas. Even if, like me, you have a membership to a gym, these ideas can help spice up your routine, help you manage a workout despite a crazy day, or can help solve the problem of how to workout when you traveling or are on vacation. We don't have to get stuck on the idea that a work out only means one thing or has to be done in a certain way. These can even be presented as a fun activity to do with your kids! Good ideas to store in the back of your mind for a rain day. The first idea:

paper plates-
Paper or plastic? Both can work for a dollar-store version of the Gliding Sliding Disc. “Paper plate exercises work best on a non-carpeted indoor surface,” says Syd Hoffmann, health and wellness expert and author of All Day Energy. “Start with lunges -- side, back, front, diagonal lunges, curtsy lunges behind -- with one paper plate under the foot that is moving.” Instead of stepping into the lunge positions, you slide the foot in and out -- you’ll add a new stability challenge to your workouts while toning your lower body. More advanced exercisers can try hover jacks: Assuming a “plank” position (which is like the “up” part of a pushup), with plates under both feet, simultaneously slide the feet apart and back together for an inner/outer thigh blast.

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