For the Love of Lime!

Friday, November 9, 2012

I am always looking for fun new things at the grocery store. The other day I was looking in the exotic fruit area and saw a bag of key limes. They were vibrant green, appealingly round and just the right price. I couldn't resist and bought a bag. Once I got home I realized the only thing I really knew was made from key lime were key lime pies! That was not the path I wanted to head down. So I decided to roam around the internet and see what I could find regarding limes.

The first thing I found was that they are incredibly beneficial. They are a strong antioxidant and anticarcinogenic. They are used in cosmetics and for many  homeopathic remedies from colds to constipation (who knew!?!). And as you probably already suspected, it is also considered helpful for weight loss. Here is what I read on one site about it:

Weight Loss: A glass of warm water with a full-lime juice in it is an excellent weight reducer as well as a brilliant refresher and anti oxidant drink. The citric acid present in lime is an excellent fat burner. Just have two glasses a day and see the remarkable result within a week.

There are so many ways to use lime in recipes from using it in salad dressings to adding it to guacamole to just squeezing it on top of foods like freshly grilled fish. Then there are the drinks that can be made with lime juice like weekend mojitos to fresh limeade to iced tea with a slice of lime.

As it turned out, we did use lime juice in our salad dressings, squeezed on top of fish and to brighten up our evening cocktails of sparkling water. My favorite though, was just squeezing and plopping a key lime into my water bottle to drink fresh and unadulterated. It seemed like a treat (always looking for more of those that are "healthy") and really was tasty. And I knew I was doing something good for my body!

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