Kitchen Cupboard- Tuna Burgers

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Tuna Burgers
I am always on the look out for fish recipes. Our commitment is to have at least 2 fish dinners a week along with 2 vegetarian dinners, 2 chicken/turkey meals and then one red meat dinner. For us variety is the spice of life. We do not like the same thing over and over again. Burgers are a case in point. It is fun to find different ways to make a burger. This tuna burger (335 cal) looked like a good way to add fish and variety to our list of options. It also qualifies as a "kitchen cupboard" that can be stocked in the pantry to be available as you need it.

It was easy to make. It was also moist and tasty. We rounded out the meal with a tangy marinated coleslaw(recipe posted in following blog/64 cal) and a slice of melon (86 cal) for total calories of 485. It was a hit and a definite repeat.

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