The Art of the Ugly Plate

Friday, November 2, 2012

There is nothing worse than having a plate look half empty. A lonely plate does not send the right message to our brain. Instead of sending a message to our brain that we are getting a plentiful meal that will satisfy us, we instead feel like we have been cheated and deserve more. Do you ever feel that way? I felt that way the other night when I served up the meal photographed above. It was all the right amount of food from a menu I had planned. When I served it up, I didn't put the salad on the dinner plate. Without it the plate looked lonely and half empty. BIG MISTAKE. It didn't look satisfying or plentiful. I began to feel cheated. I drank another glass of wine as solace. Not the plan.

So the next night when I was serving up our dinner I put all the food on the dinner plate. Can you see the difference? It looks much more plentiful and consequently much more satisfying. It was visually much more appealing this way. And by the end of the meal I felt satisfied...always the goal with each meal. Lesson learned.

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