Giving up refined sugar

Friday, March 22, 2013

No matter how hard I have tried to limit my sweets, I just can't seem to do it. They are truly additive. Research shows its true...and I am not the only sugar addict out there. I kept dancing around the issue, thinking I could somehow control the addiction, but I can't. So, I ate my last piece of chocolate cake on Sunday night. No more desserts, no more sweets. No exceptions and no time limits. Just can't do it. So even in my morning oatmeal there is no more brown sugar. Even in the morning latte there is no more sugar-free French Vanilla. No more cookies for an afternoon snack. No more adding in honey to my Greek yogurt.

This doesn't mean I am going to become obsessed about sugar but it does mean I am going to avoid it as much as possible and be mindful, including reading the labels at the grocery store to avoid those canned goods and other pre-packaged foods I need for a recipe that have corn syrup added to them. There are alternatives these days and I plan on buying them!

Two days in and I am finding this way easier than limiting my sugar. Sugary foods just trigger my need for more sugary foods. This way nothing is getting triggered. I am really liking this new commitment!

I understand this won't work if I don't really change how we are doing things at home. So the cupboards are bare of junk food. The ice box is full of fresh veggies, some of them already cut and ready to munch on. And the fruit stand has a variety of fresh fruit. Yep, fruit is in. It doesn't have the same triggers as substitute sugars and refined sugars do. It also doesn't have the emotional strings attached as cakes, ice cream and cookies have for me.

We have also gone to a Mediterranean diet. I am so focused on discovering fun recipes and learning more about the key ingredients of this diet, I don't need to feel bored and go grazing for "empty foods".

Would love to hear from others on this same road. How is it going?

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