Loving My New Gadgets!--Cookie Scoop

Friday, March 15, 2013
1 Tablespoon Cookie Scoop
When I started baking healthier cookies, one of the things I discovered was measuring out the dough to a right-sized portion. In a chocolate chip cookie recipe from Cooking Light, it instructed me to drop the cookie dough in 1 tablespoon measurements. At first I used my 1 tablespoon measuring spoon. It was laborious and not very easy. I decided I needed to look for a small version of an ice cream scoop.

Turns out if you go to a culinary store, like William Sonoma or Sur La Table there are actually cookie scoops in different sizes! I found my 1 tablespoon scoop and have been using it ever since. It is so easy. I can whip through a recipe in no time flat. It makes prettier cookies, too. They are much more uniform. Some how right-sized, visually appealing cookies are much more satisfying...and the calorie count is much more reasonable.  I recommend you get your own 1 tablespoon cookie scoop! Then we can swap cookie recipes. What fun!

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