Salmon Caesar Salad

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Every once in a while I like cleaning out my refrigerator of my leftover vegetables. This salad is one I enjoy making to help me clean out my refrigerator. It uses a lot of different veggies and lettuces. Honestly, these are items you can mix and match, depending on what is in your refrigerator.

One of my favorite salads is a Caesar Salad. Nothing like croutons and an anchovy dressing! The challenge is it can get fattening really quickly. I have found by baking my croutons I avoid a lot of unnecessary calories. They can still be very flavorful by adding California garlic powder, herbes de Provence and some Olive Oil cooking spray to them before baking.

The trick to the delicious dressing is to emulsify it in a blender. By putting the ingredients in a blender, it makes it creamy without adding the fat.

This is a cheery salad to look at and great to share with family or when you have company. And for 229 calories per serving you can choose to add a delicious muffin to complete the meal. Try a fresh baked muffin like my Cherry Limeade Wheat Germ Muffins!

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