Healthy Tips-Fruit Stands and Bowls Full of Fruit

Friday, March 1, 2013
Livliga Bowl filled with Fresh Fruit
There is nothing more beautiful than a bowl full of fresh fruit. I learned a long time ago that having a bowl of fruit on the counter is a great way to avoid grazing on less nutritious foods. Those foods are stored in a cabinet. The fruit is within arms length.

I have also learned to make sure the fruit is fresh. Old shriveled up fruit is unappetizing and is more likely to send someone to the cabinet to munch on the starchy stuff. To set us all up for success, I buy fresh fruit every week at the grocery store. I buy our favorites but I also buy what is in season, like these Honeybells. Special fruits make it a desired treat. That way they are more likely to get gobbled up and definitely chosen first above other food choices.

The photo is of our last-of-the-season honeybells. Parting will be such sweet...and satisfying sorrow!

Note: the bowl in the photo is our new Livliga Aveq bowl. It is attractive and right-sized. If you are interested and want to consider one for yourself, you can find it on our website. Enjoy and Live Vibrant!

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