Using the TV for Fitness Inspiration

Friday, March 29, 2013
On Demand Fitness Workout     

I remember a while ago I checked out On Demand workouts on my TV and was very underwhelmed. The other day we were in the midst of a spring snow storm and it was time for my workout but I didn't want to hassle with driving to the "Y" to do it with the roads as icy as they were. So I thought I would see what the TV might have as an alternative. Low and behold in the On Demand section their is a Fitness area with any number of choices for types of workouts and duration as well as intensity. It really intrigued me.  

First I tried an intermediate "indoor" walking workout. The trainer was peppy and good at keeping me informed. It did get my heart going and I did sweat. A good thing. I have since tried a couple of other videos for dance and cardio. I enjoyed them as well. And there are different instructors so if you don't particularly like the style of one you have choices.

So for a rainy day or something new to do, check out your cable or satellite TV. You might just be surprised and enjoy something new. I did!

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