Continued Exercising with My Injured Leg

Thursday, February 23, 2012
My knee and leg are getting better. With some massage therapy and my husband "walking" and "kneading" my leg with his foot it is beginning to unlock. Phew!

My work outs have become a little more varied. Yesterday I did my weight lifting, adding the lat pull down, the seated cable rows and my cable rope rear-delt rows. I also did some stomach exercises with an exercise ball and medicine ball. I am still doing the hand cycle for my warm up.

I am feeling more in control and glad that I have kept going to the "Y", despite my injury. I have never actually persevered like this before. The key is that I have kept in control, have not allowed myself to be overwhelmed with feeling sorry for myself and have found a way to work around my injury in my work outs so I am not continuing to injure myself.  I am proud of myself!

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