The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie- tasty and only 88 calories!

Monday, February 20, 2012

We have had some Duke grad students staying with us over the weekend. They were here for an energy competition. With all their hard work, I thought it would be nice to provide a treat. Treats are dangerous for me to have in the house because I am usually the one who snacks on them throughout the day. Bad habit. So when I make snacks now, I want them to be healthy and also not packed full of calories.

Chocolate Chip cookies are an all around favorite, like vanilla ice cream. Chances are everyone will like them. But how to make a "healthy" chocolate chip cookie that meets the expectation of this classic cookie? I found one in a Cooking Light cookbook! They look and taste like the cookie we know and love AND they are ONLY 88 calories a piece! I found the recipe on line so I encourage everyone to try it out!

One of the added benefits of this recipe is that cookies actually coming out looking uniform and wonderfully round. This is because you measure them out as a level tablespoon. I have shared a picture so you can see how nice they look on the cookie sheet before baking.

They were a big hit!

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