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So Much for Thinking My Knee was Healing!

February 27, 2012

I am beginning to discover there can be consequences, other than positive ones, for becoming a jock at age 55. The challenge is that in order to live a healthier lifestyle I need to eat healthy and also exercise....a lot. But I am still a middle aged, overweight woman! The more weight you carry, the more wear and tear your body endures.

So, a couple of weeks ago when we were snowshoeing and having a wonderful time, it turns out the "pop" I heard and the searing pain I felt was actually my meniscus tearing! Then, becasue I kept on going, it looks like I torn it even more the following week! Now I have a nice big tear. I found this out by finally going to the doctor and getting an MRI (another first). The tear is very obvious!

Meniscus is more like cartilage and therefore does not have a great blood supply.  This is not an injury that will heal on its own. It requires surgery. The tear will be removed, not repaired, and the area around it smoothed. Nothing will grow back. I will have what I have but it won't hurt or catch or continue to tear.

Other than having my tonsils out when I was 3, having 4 teeth pulled for braces and stitches on a finger I have not had to face operations or health issues that slow me down. This is my first. It looks like the operation will be short and sweet but I will have to be put under completely. The rehab will be much longer. It looks like I will get back to my normal activities after 3 -4 months. Spinning may not be high on the list, at least not with the usual up and down transitions. Running on the treadmill is also hard on the knees. But there are PLENTY of other exercises and athletic activities I will be able to do, including biking, hiking and snowshoeing.

The real challenge in all this is my current inactivity. I am on crutches, have my knee up most of the time and am glued to an ice pack. A perfect set up for someone like me to gain weight...oh, and did I mention I am feeling a tinsy weensy bit sorry for myself?

I think this blog and those of you kind enough to read it are my life line. Through the blog and you I intend to keep focused and mindful. It is my only choice! The reality is, not only do I not want to gain weight, but in truth, I need to lose more weight so I don't have to go through this again!

My surgery is on Wednesday. Please send positive thoughts my way. Thanks!

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